Cyber Stalking

Stalkers are everywhere and they follow you every single second. Wherever you go whatever you do they have complete information about you. Unwitting victims may post a treasure-trove of personally identifying data on social networking sites. In modern internet world these kind of cyber stalkers are present they stalk you every single second on your social media account and embarrasses their target with illegal kind of stuff posting to your wall and asking for such unnecessary demand and blackmail their target all the time.

We solve these kinds of cases too. In which people suffer from their identity loss and misuse of their identity in an inappropriate manner. We solve these kinds of issues very well with the assurance of confidentiality with your data and identity and allow you, to know who is behind all that.

In some cases, however, cyberstalking is committed by strangers who have obtained a victim’s personal information on the Internet. When they want to humiliate them they do such creepy things, including their age, phone numbers, personal interests, and photographs. Cyberstalkers can use Internet search engines to find out additional information they can use to harass their victims.



He has an amazing grip on solving cyber issues in quick time, as a lawyer I always ask his help and he helps me every time whenever I get stuck in any cyber crime case.

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