Email Frauds

The backbone of any successful email fraud is a well-designed spoofed email by which people become the victim of email frauds and get spoofed. Email frauds are becoming an international threat all over the globe. People are getting spoofed by these kinds of email and suffering from financial and nonfinancial loss day by day. Email has become the new weapon for the cyber terrorist. They just send an email all over the world in just a single click and cause damage financially.

Types of email frauds:-

  • Lottery email
  • Money transaction email
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Email spam
  • Confidential trick email

Many people get affected by these kinds of email frauds because they have lack of awareness and due to this they have to suffer a lot. We have seen many cases in which people complaint us about fraud email and how they have suffered. So we try to aware people about email spoofing and how they can keep safe their family and children from email frauds.


My words are failing me to thanks Mr.“Amber desai”, I was in big trouble that time. Then one of my friends suggested me to handover my case to him, and truly he solved my case within a week and made me freed from tension of cyber threats.

Dr. Apoorv ShrivastavaDoctor - Apoorv Hitech