illegal money transfer

illegal money transferring is an activity in which banks account get emptied by electronic transfer, without account holder knowledge and permission. We have seen many times that somebody’s account money get transferred to another strangers account. They have the question that how can anyone can transfer money without our knowledge and permission granted.

It has all done by cybercriminals or very fast friend of yours. They somehow get your credentials and break your account security, and do whatever they want to do with their target account and transfer money to their self or any other persons account include personal information, such as credit card numbers.

We solve these kinds of cases in which your hard money get misused and transferred without your knowledge. We try to catch the criminal and assure you that your money will be claimed soon.


I always suggest his name to others where cyber crime is concerned. And he is trustworthy and confidential about client’s personal information and security. Whoever I suggested his name for their problems regarding security and cyber crimes, every single person is obliged till date.

Mr. Vikas KumarIT Head