Stolen data

Data breaching is the new trend of stealing data and personal information of any website and individual person and organization. Many cyber criminal make spoofed website, which is why it pays to have a healthy level of skepticism when it comes to opening emails and visiting websites they get access to your system and once they get access to your system your data is in danger and they can use it how they wish..

Your all website data and other personal data can be spoofed which can harm you in financial and non financial way. Whatever they try to access in your system they can steal and misuse it in inappropriate way. Just think what they can do with your personal data how they can misuse it.

We solve these kinds of data stealing and data breaching cases and help our client out from this serious cyber issue and its harmful effects, which can cause them loss of money and dignity of their brand. So we try to make our client free from these problems and sometimes can recover their data back and money loss from third party.


Some years ago, an unknown person was continuously stalking me on my social media accounts and in personal life also. Being a girl I ignored as usually but one day I saw an unusual activity on my social media wall. I got Amber desai’s contact somehow and I asked him to solve my problem, and million times thanks to him he saved me and took care of my reputation.

Mrs. Pallavi KumarHR - Wartsilla